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Download free icons: Icons for Technical Writers v1.0

Icon: Open a menu

Open a menu

Icon: Click a button

Click a button

Icon: Open a folder

Open a folder

Icon: Right-click mouse

Right-click mouse

Icon: Double-click mouse

Double-click mouse

Icon: Click radio button

Click radio button

Icon: Open drop down list

Open drop down list

Icon: Type text into box

Type text into box

Icon: Place in box

Place in box

Icon: Remove from box

Remove from box

Icon: Select a tab

Select a tab

Icon: Drag & drop

Drag & drop

Icon: Scroll Up/Down

Scroll Up/Down

Icon: Scroll Left/Right

Scroll Left/Right

Icon: Click icon on toolbar

Click icon on toolbar

Icon: Browser Back button

Browser Back button

Icon: Browser Forward button

Browser Forward button

Icon: Menu item ON

Menu item ON

Icon: Menu item OFF

Menu item OFF

Icon: Unit value selector

Unit value selector

Icon: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Icon: Click hyperlink text

Click hyperlink text

Icon: Power ON/OFF

Power ON/OFF

Icon: Click Windows Start button

Click Windows Start button

Icon: Open Word file

Open Word file

Icon: Open Music file

Open Music file

Icon: Open Image file

Open Image file

Icon: Play


Icon: Pause


Icon: Stop


Icon: Rewind


Icon: Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Icon: Backward skip

Backward skip

Icon: Forward skip

Forward skip

Example of Icon set usage

Example of Icon set usage

Download IconsIcons for Technical Writers

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