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Product icon in Vista style for Altitude Software, icons for a software product for

We've created a product icon in Vista style, a set of icons for a software product for the website

Product icon in Vista style for

Set of icons for program product for

Set of icons for program product for

About Altitude Software

Altitude Software, is the leading independent contact centre vendor for unified interaction solutions. Altitude uCI™ (Unified Customer Interaction) suite over IP manages, measures, and improves relationships with each interaction from small to large organizations worldwide, Altitude is recognized for its leadership in Outsourcers. Altitude uCI is a cost-effective application suite conceived to improve the overall productivity of the contact centre. Since Altitude uCI was engineered to integrate easily with enterprise front office and back-office systems, Altitude uCI delivers significant cost benefits, revenue benefits, and intangible benefits with a limited up-front investment. Altitude uCI not only allows users to achieve return on investment in a limited time frame, but also provides a successful solution to their customer interaction and organizational efficiency strategies.

Set of icons for program product by

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