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Banner for the 'Site promotion' mailing list

We designed a banner for the free mailing list of Architectural Fasade Technologies company

Banner for the 'Site promotion' mailing list

About the 'Site promotion'

How can one get customers from the Net? This is a vital issue for many companies who notice the success of competitors who mastered Internet technologies. A good website is needed but having a perfect site isn't enough to succeed.
The other thing you need is promotion.

Site Promotion. Recommendations from experts

Promotion is a system of interrelated activities that ensure website visits by users that are interested in provided goods, services, or information. Here are the key trends:

  • optimization for search engines,
  • context ads,
  • banner exchange,
  • mailing lists.
To evaluate the efficiency of applied methods, you need to know how to collect and analyze the great load of statistical data.

That's what this mailing is about. It is meant for webmasters and content managers of corporate resources, Internet marketing and ad specialists, as well as heads of companies that deal with e-business or in this or that way use Internet in their commercial activities.

All info is brought by "Ashmanov and Partners", the first company in Russia that organized a conference/seminars on the strategy of website promotion in search engines.

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