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User Interface design for macOS program BatteryTruth

Our company has developed and executed interface design and all graphic elements of the program, created the program logo , and also written the program BatteryTruth under macOS

Program logo for the Facebook page

Logo of the program for the page in Facebook

About BatteryTruth

BatteryTruth - The only application that independently forecasts how long your MacBook will last on the battery using its own algorithms and statistics.
In addition to the standard features for this type of software, such as displaying the battery status, its age, capacity, etc., BatteryTruth is also able to do the following:

  • Show at what capacity the laptop will operate if you replace the battery with a brand new one
  • Notify you about a low charge or a short remaining time before shutdown
  • Display the charge indicator. This is useful for the latest MacBook models without the MagSafe connector.
  • Inform you of inaccuracies in its own predictions and the macOS predictions

Main program icon for AppStore

Program icon BatteryTruth

User interface design

We designed the interface design for the application, drawn icons and illustrations for the program

An example of the main window of the program and the window for setting the notification of the fast discharge of a MacBook battery

Software interface design of BatteryTruth

Design of a preliminary data collection window. Detailed battery health information panel

Battery health

An example of a laptop operating history window from a network or a battery with a comparison of the accuracy of BatteryTruth forecasts and the operating system

History of use

Illustrations for the program page in the AppStore

Illustrations for the AppStore page - the main application window

Illustrations for AppStore - setting alerts

Picture for AppStore page - information about the battery

More information about the program see on our website

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