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Illustrations, icons, logotype redesign for DepositPhotos

We've created illustrations, icons, buttons and redesigned a logotype for DepositPhotos

Illustration for DepositPhotos

Buttons and Favicon.ico icon for DepositPhotos

Buttons for DepositPhotosFavicon.ico icon for DepositPhotos

Illustrations for DepositPhotos

Illustration for DepositPhotosIllustration for DepositPhotos

About DepositPhotos

Icons for DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is the resource for buying/selling photographs and other images under the Royalty-Free license. Our large archive of materials, variety of flexible payment options, favorable terms and system reliability make DepositPhotos the most convenient and profitable tool for designers, artists, and photographers.

Logotype redesign for DepositPhotos

Illustration for DepositPhotos

Illustration for DepositPhotos

All photography and images presented on the DepositPhotos are protected by intellectual property rights, and are offered for use in accordance with the Royalty-Free license. Our image archive is updated daily. All images are strictly controlled by the inspectors. This means that the site is replenished with only the highest-quality photographs and images. You can be sure that you will find exactly what you need.

Icons for DepositPhotos

Set of icons for DepositPhotos

Icons for DepositPhotos

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