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Set of icons for Aurora by Elevator Lady

We've created a set of icons for Aurora by Elevator Lady.

Set of icons for Aurora

About Aurora

Aurora is an equation editor that lets you use LaTeX to enter mathematics in word processors, presentation programs, and just about anywhere else. It makes sure that your formulas look good, print prettily, and play nice with the rest of the text. Aurora takes care of the little things like numbering equations and positioning them on the page, and stays out of your way the rest of the time.

Program Aurora

Why Aurora is good for you

  • No more mouse-hunting for symbolsenter great-looking math quickly and efficiently using the standard language of scientific typesetting.
  • Express any scientific concept from mathematics, computer science, chemistry, digital engineering, and many other areas.
  • Full integration with Microsoft ® Word, PowerPoint ®, Visio ®, and Excel ®.
  • Built-in LaTeX document converter.
  • Advanced support for equation numbering .
  • Works with any Windows application that has an Insert Object... function or lets you paste images.

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