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Set of icons for UserGate 4.1 by Entensys

We've created a set of icons for UserGate 4.1 by Entensys

Set of icons for UserGate 4.1

About UserGate 4.1

UserGate proxy server is a complex and multifunctional software solution that can be used to connect your network to the Internet.

UserGate has a broad set of features to set up and manage your Internet connections to provide maximum security protection.

Set of charts for UserGate 4.1

Connecting your LAN to the Internet without hardware routers.
With UserGate Proxy Server you can connect all your Local Area Network users to the Internet using only one external IP address. All traffic goes through one proxy server so the administrator can fully control what gets through, get statistics, set rules and provide a more complete security of Internet access.

Economizing your Internet traffic consumption
By caching Internet traffic, blocking the downloading of prohibited or malicious files and restricting access to inappropriate websites you can decrease your traffic by more than 30%.

Content filtering
With UserGate Proxy you can disable the downloading of specific files such as *.mp3, block advertising banners, prohibit MSN, ICQ or other instant messengers, restrict FTP access, ban specific websites or you can stop all Internet access except for some specific resources.

Managing your users Internet access
UserGate Proxy provides centralized management of all users Internet connections, conducts exact traffic calculations, and includes a built-in billing system and statistics module. UserGate allows you to manage all your Internet users access rights, set various schedules to access the Internet, set traffic limits, etc.

Program UserGate 4.1

UserGate authorizes users with different credential methods including Active Directory, Windows login or by simply using individual internal IP addresses.

Firewall protection
UserGate provides you with a very secure Internet access. It has firewall functionality, so you can set various rules, map specific ports, etc.

Antivirus and Antispyware
UserGate Proxy provides optional antivirus and antispyware functionality support, so you can check all incoming traffic such e-mail, website and FTP for viruses or spyware.

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