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LuckyIcon - Portfolio - Logotypes - ESM group

Logo design for the ESM group

Developed an emblem for an engineering company

Brand identity

ESM group carries out professional installation of engineering systems. The range of services of ESM group extends to such types of work as: design and installation of power supply systems, ventilation, smoke removal, fire extinguishing and fire alarms. Manufacture of electrical board equipment and installation of security systems.

Logo development

On the base of the customer's requirements and technical task we drew some examples of graphic design

Developed sketches

After a number of modifications, the final design was approved, on the basis of which the logo passport was produced. It contains:

  • Available options for reproducing the Sign and Logo on dark and light backgrounds;
  • Black and white variation;
  • Emblems for the site and social networks in the required size;
  • Description of corporate colors in RGB, HSV, CMYK.

Brandbook fragment

   Warning! Graphic images herein are displayed for reference only.
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