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Set of icons, a product icon, splash screen, and a logotype for @DocReg by Infor Technology

We've designed a set of icons, a product icon, splash screen, and a logotype for @DocReg by Infor Technology

Product icon for @DocReg

Set of icons for @DocReg

Set of icons for @DocReg

About @DocReg

@DocReg is a tool for organization of document-related activities within a company (Document management system). Minimizing organizational steps, it provides the following:

  • Controlling the organization-wide circulation of documents (incoming/outgoing document logs) along with control of document processing deadlines
  • Management of centralized archives, allowing search and storage of document digital copies
  • Maintaining a history of document lifecycle: created by, created on, transferred to, approved by, intermediate versions, versions approved, etc.
  • Document distribution and document examination control
  • Eliminating "paperwork" employees don't work with original paper documents anymore, which prevents a whole range of problems related to loss, corruption and distortion of original copies

Logotype for @DocReg

Suits needs of both new departments starting document processing from scratch and existing departments striving to improve the document performance. The product effectively helps put things in order.

Splash screen for @DocReg

It provides management with a mechanism to control document processing, and it gives employees tools for document automatic search and remote access. The product enables organization to considerably decrease document reproduction costs, reduce time of document processing and automatically log document-related activities. Thanks to its simplicity and availability, this tool is perfectly suitable for internal service automation, even if this task is managed by a single specialist.

Splash screen for Wizard

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