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Icons for the KM-School website sections by Cyril & Methodius

We've created icons for the KM-School website by Cyril & Methodius<\b>

Icons for KM-School

About KM-School

"Cyril & Methodius", a leading Russian developer and vendor of educational multimedia products, presents an innovative break-through solution for educational institutions - a computerized educational environment named KM-SCHOOL

Computerized educational environment KM-School appearance

KM-SCHOOL is a multimedia system that expands educational content of schools with new forms of methodical resources and corresponding computer technologies.

One of the main objectives of modern school is to bring up personalities, literate and healthy citizens who are well aware of their life goals and guidelines. Using up-to-date innovative technologies allows faculties to get a breakthrough in their attempts to solve this vital problem. This also helps draw more attention of students to the process of learning, thus ensuring the high quality of education.

The computerized educational environment KM-SCHOOL is a result of integration of contemporary education and IT technologies designed to meet all needs of educational facilities.

KM-SCHOOL is designed for faculties, school management, students, and their parents. Computerized educational environment fully provides everybody involved in the process of education with modern educational multimedia content, effective computer technologies and services. The uniform educational info-media

This system was created to support high school education and designed to solve the problem of migrating educational facilities to IT on the basis of methodical experience, knowledge and best practices of your faculty. "KM-School" provides every one involved in the process of learning and upbringing with an ability to organize his/her activities, interaction and communication within a uniform IT-environment of the educational institution taking in consideration his/her own professional needs, priorities and creative aspects.

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