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Icons for KM-School media set by Cyril & Methodius

We've created a set of icons for KM-School media set by Cyril & Methodius

Set of icons for KM-School

About KM-School

The "KM-School" computer system provides schools with many benefits that open new prospects for the development and enhances reputation of the educational institution.

Appearance of KM-School

Main parts of the uniform educational info-media are:

  • Study management
    (document flow, study planning, study schedules, e-rating, bulletin boards, e-mail and forum systems, communication with educational process partners).
  • Strategies
    (access to courses and subject study plans, educational standards, training objectives and knowledge/skill/learning method and form requirements).
  • Study methodology
    (structured subject-related study materials, including methodical materials, study scenarios, theoretical studies, training case studies, level-specific self-studies, projects, controls, etc.).
  • Data resources
    (additional information resources structured by resource type and subject).
"KM-School" environment advantages
  • Generation of constantly enriched and updated educational content based on the "Cyril and Methody"'s resources.
  • Provision of full-scale Internet access to educational content.
  • Integration of educational and information technologies needed to organize the process of studies at school.
  • Providing teachers with convenient and effective means to prepare and perform all study activities.
  • Comprehensive automation of school management activities.
  • Organization of network educational interaction.

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