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Favicon.ico icons in a single style for the group of medical sites

We've created a set of Favicon.ico icons in a single style for the group of medical sites

Icons favicon.ico made in single style for the group of medical sites


  • Oberon Aurum
  • Sensitiv Imago
  • Alfa-Med
  • I zdorov
  • Diagnost org

About Oberon Aurum

The website is dedicated to oberon and aur-um diagnostic systems. The latter diagnostics refers to computer-based status diagnostics of human body systems. The website described all modifications of Oberon devices, as well as their merits and drawbacks.

About Sensitiv Imago

No information

About Alfa-Med

AlphaMed is a high-tech medical center in Moscow that implements cutting-edge medical technologies of health resumption. This medical center provides treatment of pancreatitis and allergies. Kidney and liver treatment is provided in Shabolovka medical center.

About I zdorov

The website is dedicated to nutritional supplements produced by Pharmanex and Nu Skin. Manufacturing of Pharmanex high-tech products is based on nanotechnology (capsules or liquids). Nu Skin cosmetics belongs to elite-level cosmetics. Nu Skin's skin treatment cosmetics are produced by a special Nu Skin nanotechnology.

About Diagnost Org

The website is dedicated to new methods of patient diagnostics. Analysis of new Sensitiv and imago technology-based diagnostic equipment introduced to the market. Statistics on equipment authenticity; statistics on patients' successful treatment by Sensitiv diagnostic systems. Computer-based diagnostics of human body is provided by . Everything related to health state diagnostics is described at

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