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Windows App icon design, logotype and web design for Mudrosoft company

For the Mudrosoft company involved in the release of educational programs for schoolchildren, we developed a company logo, created a website design and drew an icon for the Multiplication Table program

Mudrosoft logo:

Mudrosoft logo

Website design development

The site was developed taking into account the target audience - children and teenagers aged 7-20 years.

Mudrosoft website design

An additional animated logo was developed for the site in order to attract attention, better memorization and make the site more friendly and informal.:

Animated website logo

Software product icon

Mudrosoft - innovative educational programs!

Mudrosoft develops programs from exercises in addition and subtraction to preparation for the exam.
Multiplication Table a program with the effect of the presence of the teacher, which by voice asks the student examples of multiplication

Multiplication Table Icon

Sizes of the Windows application icon

  • 256x256;
  • 48x48;
  • 32x32;
  • 16x16.

Box shot for the Mudrosoft program:

3D Box shot

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