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Launcher icons for iOS/Android and Multibuhgalter company logo

We have drawn the icon of the mobile application Multibuhgalter for iOS and Android, as well as the Multibuhgalter company logo.

Logo for accounting firm Multibuhgalter

Multibuhgalter - Cloud service for accounting firm management

Multibuhgalter program - Personal client account of an accounting firm
Key features of the mobile application for iOS and Android:

  • View accountants contacts assigned to client organizations;
  • View messages from accountants;
  • Work with invoices issued to client organizations;
  • Download documents prepared by accountants for client organizations;
  • Upload documents required for accounting work.

Types of work performed

Icons for iOS and Android

iOS and Android icon

Types of images for iOS

  • iTunes Artwork in sizes 512х512 and 1024х1024 for Retina displays;
  • Home screen icons for iPhone, iPad и iPad Pro (sizes from 76x76 to 180x180 for Retina and HD displays);
  • Spotlight and Settings images in sizes 1x, 2x for Retina and 3x for HD displays.
Android Launcher icon
  • LDPI 36x36;
  • MDPI 48x48;
  • HDPI 72x72;
  • XHDPI 96x96;
  • XXHDPI 144x144;
  • XXXHDPI 192x192;
  • Google Play market 512x512.

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