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Set of icons and a product icon for OTYS developed by Otys e-Recruiting Systems

We've designed a set of icons and a product icon for OTYS by Otys e-Recruiting Systems

Product icon for OTYS

About OTYS

Otys delivers a solution that guarantees professional and interactive presentation on the internet. Otys has workflow and text-interpretation tools that help your recruitment agency become one of the most advanced in the world!

Set of icons for OTYS

There are no hidden fees, everlasting implementation projects or suprises. Every organisation can afford this system! It offers everything you expect and everything you never hoped would be possible in recruitment software.

Otys is the right adress if you are looking for quality, on-the-spot functionality for a price everyone can afford! Otys makes the complex world of internet-recruiting look simple and hands you pleasant, transparent and easily understandable tools and consultancy in the field of e-Recruitment.

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