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LuckyIcon - Portfolio - Logotypes - Podmoskovniye vechera

Logo design for travel company Podmoskovniye vechera

Based on sketches provided by the customer, we have drawn a logo for the 莫斯科郊外的晚上- "Podmoskovniye vechera" tour operator

Information about the company "Podmoskovniye vechera" (莫斯科郊外的晚上)

"Podmoskovniye vechera" is a tour operator providing inbound tourism for small groups of VIP foreigners to conduct extreme military-style tourism.
This service is mainly focused on Chinese visitors.

Stickers on the side branded buses Mercedes-Benz Viano

Logo on the welcome plate

Logo on the welcome plate

Based on the logo, layouts of stickers on the sides and hood of Mercedes-Benz Viano cars were developed.

Example of placement of stickers on the doors and hood of a Mercedes-Benz Viano

Logo-based label design for Mercedes-Benz Viano

Sticker Design for Mercedes-Benz Viano

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