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Set of icons for QForm software products

We have developed a set of icons for the software products of QForm Company.

Icons for software of QForm

Information about

QForm simulation software is used for development and optimization of many different metal forming processes for parts production in aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, aluminium extrusion and other industries. Many of these forged or extruded products that have been developed with the help of QForm can be found in products that are part of our daily life.

QForm software is the world leader in extrusion, forming, rolling simulations and aluminium extrusion die design. Programs are well known for the most user friendly interface, automated algorithms and the best professional technical support.

Examples of icons drawn for the program menu

For compatibility with 4K monitors, all icons were drawn in several sizes

The first part of the icons:

The icons fot the QForm

The second part of the icons:

QForm menu icons

Screenshots of the program

Example of program interface with new icons:

Program interface with new icons

Submenu icons and pop-up windows:

Icons in menus and forms

The more detailed information is on site: QForm

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