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Set of icons and a product icon for QFORM3D by QuantorForm

We've created a ptoduct icon and a set of icons for QFORM3D by QuantorForm

Product icon for QFORM3D

Icons for QFORM3D

Icons for QFORM3D


QFORM3D is a unique easy-to-use and efficient bulk forming simulation, analysis and optimization software. The software is meant for process engineers and die designers. Its users are empowered to get a high added value by reducing the process development time, excluding forming tests and saving the metal.

Set of icons for QFORM3D

QFORM can be excellently integrated with any CAD systems, has an intuitive user-friendly interface and allows simulating the most intricate 3D metal deformation processes.

QFORM is the leader among the software packages in its class and enjoys well-deserved popularity both in production and for the training purposes.

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