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Design of the logo of the Ryazan Fishermen's Club River hunters

We have developed a logo for the group RCR River hunters

Logotype RCR River hunters

About RCR River hunters

The Internet community of RCR River hunters unites more than 2000 fishermen of Ryazan and the region. Fishing competitions, joint trips to fishing, fresh information about cool places and paid reservoirs. All this can be found on the pages of the Forum River-Ohotniki.rf

Club flag for forum participants and groups

Flag design for the group River hunters

Based on the logo and corporate identity, flags for club members were developed for competitions and various club events

Also, a layout for making chevrons and stripes for clothes for teammates was developed

Chevron photo for the group River hunters

Design of a discount card

To present discounts, the club members developed a discount card layout

Discount card for partners River hunters

Banner for posting on the pages of partners of the club

Advertising banner of the site River hunters

The more detailed information is on site: River hunters

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