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Set of icons for SeoChases web forum

We designed a set of icons for a web forum SeoChases that deals with optimization and promotion of web sites

Icons for SeoChases

About SeoChases web forum

SeoChase is a web forum devoted to optimization and promotion of web sites.

How can we estimate the current status of a website and check its position in various search engines? What kind of people visits your site and how do they reach you? How do we get new visitors? What are catalogs and how can we register? What are pros and cons for doorways? Where should we order advertising for our website and who should we trust for the site optimization in case we don't know how to do this or simply don't have time for that?

Everyday hundreds of users (ranging from newcomers to pros) discuss these matters and any other issues concerning web site optimization and promotion at

General design of

Main sections of the forum

  • Section for SEO professionals (Search Engine Optimization)
    • All about optimization for search engines
    • "Standard" questions about SEO (FAQ)
  • Optimization for search engines
    • How search engines work
    • Catalogs and subject sites
    • Software and technical solutions
  • Other types of advertisement
    • Affiliate programs
    • Chargeable advertising via search engines
    • General issues on advertising
  • Building websites
    • Programming and hosting
    • Design and usability
    • Content
  • Commerce
    • Finances
    • Advertisement (aka spam)
    • Jobs
... and tons of more information at

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