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Set of icons, a product icon, and splash screen for Limit NAVIGATOR by SoftWell

We've designed a set of icons, a product icon, and splash screen for the SoftWell

Product icon for Limit NAVIGATOR

Set of icons for Limit NAVIGATOR

Set of icons for Limit NAVIGATOR

New icons for Limit NAVIGATOR

New icons for Limit NAVIGATOR


Limit NAVIGATOR system is designed to provide real-time control of limits specified in any financial agency.

Splash screen for Limit NAVIGATOR

Limit NAVIGATOR implements the following main features:

  • Maintenance of a proprietary data store required for limit management. This store contains directories of operations (transactions, requests), clients, contractors, issuers, instruments, market quotations, currencies and currency calendars, portfolios, brokers, traders, accounts, bonds, and formulas. The information in the store is kept up-to-date against external data sources.
  • User interface for generation of a limit structure, flexible to customize in the area of definition of limits and limit calculation algorithms.
  • Providing an authorized limit control for operations in accordance with the current limit structure and market quotations. Various settings ensuring system flexibility in the area of operation authorization rule definition are provided for authorization logic.
  • Limit management - specifying temporary limit corrections, redistribution of free balances between limits, and target-based reservation of free limit balances.
  • The audit system tracks events related to key objects of Limit NAVIGATOR: operations/transactions and limits.
  • The reporting system (including real-time modes) enables monitoring of the process of limit management and operation authorization.
  • Management of user rights for activities in Limit NAVIGATOR.

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