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Animated SVG icons for St.Petersburg Research Institute of Forestry (SPbNIILH)

Created a set of animated SVG icons for the website St.Petersburg Research Institute of Forestry (SPbNIILH) in the section Our services and products for government and business.

  • Vector SVG icons for products
  • Animated service icons in vector Lottie-animation format
  • Six animated .json files for web and mobile devices

Animated icons for the "Our Services and Products for Government and Business" section


Intensification of
forest management


Developing forest
greenhouse complexes

Reproduction of forest
resources and afforestation

Consulting in the area of
forest relations

Stages of icon development

Several different versions of icons were drawn for each section of the site. After agreeing on a common set, one icon for each service was selected and approved. The selected versions were prepared in .json format - vector Lottie-animation for the website.

Different options for icons for sections of the site

The result of the work is published on the St.Petersburg Research Institute of Forestry (SPbNIILH) website:

A snapshot of the SPbNIILH website interface with new icons

The more detailed information is on site: SPbNIILH

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