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LuckyIcon - BatteryTruth - A brief history of Application Development

BatteryTruth - and, actually, why?

The creation of this application was motivated by the fact that I found it very difficult to understand exactly how much operating time my MacBook really had based on my particular usage and the information provided on the battery power display. The common phrase "up to 10 hours", mentioned in the specifications, really doesn’t tell the user anything. This is especially critical if you are away from any power source.

In addition, since the OS Sierra update, Apple has removed the ability to quickly see “time remaining” battery life estimates. Additionally, even when this information was available, it was very different from the real values and, it did not take into account the laptop’s sleep mode.

As a result, BatteryTruth provides its own prediction of the remaining operational time and the ability to understand what a laptop battery is capable of, especially for each individual’s particular usage mode.

Unlike analogs, the app does not show those predictions that can be obtained from the macOS depths; instead, it collects long-term independent statistics of the battery consumption of a specific MacBook by a specific user and builds its own forecasts based on that information. The battery discharge during both operation and sleep is taken into account.

To confirm the correctness of the chosen prediction algorithm, the application provides an opportunity to quickly see both forecasts (the macOS forecast and the app forecast), and it allows users to view the differences between its own forecasts and the macOS forecasts in retrospect in order to draw comparisons and conclusions. The history of running on battery and the forecasts themselves are stored in the database and are always available for study.

In addition to the standard features for this type of software, such as displaying the battery status, its age, capacity, etc., BatteryTruth is also able to do the following:

  • Show at what capacity the laptop will operate if you replace the battery with a brand new one
  • Notify you about a low charge or a short remaining time before shutdown
  • Display the charge indicator. This is useful for the latest MacBook models without the MagSafe connector. (MagSafe-less MacBooks hah :)
  • Inform you of inaccuracies in its own predictions and the macOS predictions
Another important feature of BatteryTruth is that even when the battery is still charging, the user is always able to see how much the laptop would last on the battery if the power supply were turned off at that moment. The operating system does not provide this information.

The application site contains information on the actual battery life of most MacBook models. The information is based on real data received by BatteryTruth with the consent of its users and is an objective averaged value of the MacBook battery life. There is also a link to the description of the corresponding model on the Apple website, so that you can compare real-time data with the data provided by the manufacturer if you want to.

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