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  • Banner for the website www.audit-soft.ru by Master-Soft
  • Design of the website and illustrations for IT Audit: Auditor by Master-Soft
  • Product icon in Vista style and splash screens for IT Audit: Bankruptcy of businesses by Master-Soft
  • Set of icons, a product icon in Vista style, background and graphic elements for IT Audit: Commissions 2.0 by Master-Soft
  • Favicon.iqo icon, logotypes and design for the website MADE IN EE
  • Product icon in Vista style for Companion-Integrator by AutoSoft
  • Logotype for the website joseargudo.com
  • New icons for the website www.sharkscope.com
  • Design, logotype and icons for the website kctsoft.ru by KCT Soft
  • An education certificate template and a cover for documentation for SuperOkna by KCT Soft
  • Favicon.ico icon for the website www.proline-auto.ru by Proline
  • Icons for PROMT Dictionary and plugins, icons for print and e-documentation for PROMT
  • Set of icons for the website svadba-msk.ru
  • New icons for the web-portal Samara 24

  • PicaSafe - Protected Photo Albums
    LuckyIcon - Types of work - Designing buttons and icons in the current style

    Designing buttons and icons in the current style (per sample)

    If your program has already been equipped with a finished set of icons and you just need a few additional icons, we'll be glad to design/draw all required additional icons, buttons, images, etc. in accordance with the current style.

    We develop new, very style-specific items on the basis of your icons, images, buttons, etc. At the same time, there is no need to provide source materials in vector format.

    Sample icons, buttons, and images we've designed in the specified style

    Additional icon for proactive.star-force.com designed in the current style.

    Proactive's website icons

    Existing icons at proactive.star-force.com

    New icons designed per sample

    Additional button

    Additional program icons designed in the style of MS Office 2003 icons.

    MS Office 2003 icons used as samples

    Current style of Office 2003 icons

    New icons designed per sample

    Additional icons designed in the specified style

    Check our icons in the Portfolio section

    To get more info and place your order for icons, leave us a message in the Contact us section.

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