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    LuckyIcon - Types of work - Product icons in Vista style

    Product icons in Vista style

    A software product icon is a starting point for users checking out your program. It must correspond to the purpose of your program, be easily recognizable among other icons and give positive user perception

    Windows Vista made a few exciting changes in icon's design. Professionally made product icons in Vista (Aero) style are nice-looking and not annoying, modern, refined and graceful, improve usability and users' impression of your program.

    We design Vista icons in accordance with Microsoft's guidance on icon creation: Windows Vista icons
    Windows Vista icons' features:
    • Vista icons are very realistic and detailed
    • Visual angle and perspective (flat icons are used for file icons, icons of the size of 16x16 pixels and smaller and flat real-world objects, such as a document or a piece of paper.
    • Smoothing object corners and edges
    • All objects face directly into the light source.
    • Gradient fill
    • Object shadows to increase contrast and image volume
    • Clear object outlines
    • Contemporary look of everyday objects such as computers and household articles
    • Icons have a maximum size of 256x256 pixels, making them suitable for high-dpi (dots per inch) displays.

    The examples of icons in Vista style

    Product icon in Vista style for Phibit Software
    Product icons in Vista style for DepositFiles
    Product icons in Vista style for DeviceLock by SmartLine Inc
    Product icons in Vista style for DeviceLock by SmartLine Inc

    Icon sizes and colors

    We create icons in five sizes:
    • 256x256 pixels
    • 128x128 pixels
    • 48x48 pixels
    • 32x32 pixels
    • 16x16 pixels
    Icons are made in two color modes:
    • 32bit (24bit + 8bit for transparency) - icons in the all five sizes
    • 8bit (256 colors + 1bit for transparency) - icons in the sizes 4848, 3232, 1616
    • 4bit (16 colors + 1bit for transparency) - icons in the sizes 4848, 3232, 1616 *
    As a result, the .ico file contains 8 icons:
    • 256x256 32bit
    • 128x128 32bit
    • 48x48 32bit
    • 32x32 32bit
    • 16x16 32bit
    • 48x48 256 colors
    • 32x32 256 colors
    • 16x16 256 colors
    • 4848 16 colors *
    • 3232 16 colors *
    • 1616 16 colors *

    * - At need, we can make additional icons in standard 16 color system palette, for compatibility with old systems.

    Check Vista icons in the Portfolio:

    To get more info and place your order for icons, leave us a message in the Contact us section.

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