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Icons for the website www.sharkscope.com

We've designed a set of icons for the website www.sharkscope.com, and also animated icons for SharkScope

Set of icons for www.sharkscope.com

Animated icons for SharkScope

Animated icons for www.sharkscope.com

About SharkScope

SharkScope is the most complete database of online poker sit n’ go tournament results available for the FullTilt, Ongame, Pacific, Merge, Party Poker, iPoker, Cereus and many others. The website independently tracks the results of tournaments, which is considered to be information available to the public.

Animated icon for the website www.sharkscope.comAnimated icon for the website www.sharkscope.com

The more detailed information is on site: www.sharkscope.com

Graphic images herein are displayed for reference only. You can't use them in your programs, but you can order the design of your own graphic images.

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