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The icon design for the Campaign: "Future Technology", collect the "Minotaur" tank in the War Thunder by the Gaijin Entertainment

From April 1 to April 12, 2021 in the War Thunder game held a game event "Future Technologies" for which we drew about 60 icons of components, schemes and materials.

GameDev icons

More about "Future Technologies" event

How do you envision the technology of the future? Interplanetary travel, robotics, or maybe even a perpetual motion machine?

What we are sure of is the existence of a time machine used by our great great great grand-children that sent us instructions and materials to create the "Minotaur" - a tank from our future..

In "Future Technology" you assemble tanks from materials obtained in battles and exchange them for vehicle receiving orders. For these orders you can get exclusive samples of prize vehicles..

Video from the YouTube channel "War Thunder. Official channel"

Design components for the assembly of the "Minotaur" tank:

List of parts and materials for tank crafting:
  • Armored body
  • Armored capsule
  • Fuel tanks
  • Radio station
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Port side propulsion
  • Starboard propulsion
  • On-board computer
  • Fuel cell
  • Traction motor
  • Battery pack
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel cell control unit
  • Traction motor control unit
  • Fuel supply system
  • Tower
  • Gun barrel
  • Breech of the gun
  • Automatic loader
  • 30 mm cannon
  • Elevating gear
  • Turret traversing mechanism
  • Surveillance tools
  • Composite materials
  • High-tech materials
  • Container of materials
  • Gunshot
  • Ammunition
  • The complete tank
  • Order 85-0307
  • Component picture design

    Icon design of parts of the tank scheme

    Pictogram names:
  • Scheme element
  • Scheme - Armored body
  • Scheme - Armored capsule
  • Scheme - Fuel tanks
  • Scheme - Radio station
  • Scheme Fire fighting equipment
  • Scheme - Port side propulsion
  • Scheme - Starboard propulsion
  • Scheme - On-board computer
  • Scheme - Fuel cell
  • Scheme Traction motor
  • Scheme Battery pack
  • Scheme - Cooling system
  • Scheme Fuell cell control unit
  • Scheme Traction motor control unit
  • Scheme Fuell supply system
  • Scheme - Tower
  • Scheme Gun barrel
  • Scheme Breech of the gun
  • Scheme Automatic loader
  • Scheme 30 mm cannon
  • Scheme Elevating gear
  • Scheme Turret traversing mechansm
  • Scheme Surveillance tools
  • Scheme - suspension
  • Part of the tank scheme
  • Tank scheme
  • Detailed tank layout
  • Tank assembly diagrams

    For details about the game event, see the website

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