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Pictures of spare parts and details for War Thunder game Gaijin Entertainment

For the launch of the Front Mechanic game action in the game War Thunder, we have prepared a large set parts and components for repair and restoration of faulty I-180S aircraft

Spare parts and components for I-180S fighter recovery

More about the event Battlefield Engineer

The I-180 is an experimental pre-war further development of the renowned I-16 fighter, intended to offer much improved performance over its predecessor. The I-180S, a production version of the aircraft built only in limited numbers, will await War Thunder players as one of the prizes obtainable in the upcoming Battlefield Engineer event!
We managed to recapture an aircraft building facility that does not appear on any of the maps. There we discovered a very interesting I-180S fighter. We should move them back to the home front, but the railways are still controlled by our enemy. So the only option is to restore them and transport them under their own power!

Details and components of the I-180S

Details and components of the I-180S at War Thunder

Your task is simple - define all defective components and replace them with new ones. Using functional components, assemble all parts of the fighter into a complete aircraft.
Aircraft repair:

  • I-180S (non-functional) - your aircraft that needs repairs. Can be sent on a diagnostic flight and subsequently disassembled into parts.
  • Parts — are units of a fighter aircraft (like wings, fuselage etc.) that can be disassembled into components if they should be replaced. They cannot be purchased on the Market.
  • Components - are elements of the aircraft units (Parts) that may be defective. If a Component is defective you should get a new one in battle or purchase it on the Market. If a Component is functional you can use it to assemble Parts.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician Toolkits - are the expendable tools that are used for examining Components, Parts, assembling and disassembling. Can be received in battle, after disassembling defective components or purchased on the Market.

Game interface fragments

Game interface screenshot

Game interface screenshot: parts and components

Details of the game campaign can be found at company's website

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