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Figure design for the Event: War game "Strategist" in the War Thunder game

We drew a set of illustrations of military figures for the event in the game War Thunder for Gaijin Entertainment

Soldier figurines

Information on game event: Wargame Strategist

The paper battlefield has been rolled out and the rules are in front of you! Prepare the figures and get exclusive vehicles from the enemy: the Merkava Mk.3D main battle tank, a BI fighter interceptor, the Lbeck frigate and the Sd.Kfz.251/10 armoured vehicle.

Get components from battles, assemble plastic models and capture classified documents with them that can be exchanged for prizes!

In the Strategist event you need to collect figures from components that you have obtained in battles and then use them in the offensive on the playing battlefield. Each completed offensive brings you classified documents which can be exchanged for exclusive versions of the game vehicles.

YouTube video from the "War Thunder. Official channel"

Figure design for the assembly event "Strategist":

The names of the figures and components:

  • Motorized rifle squad
  • Reconnaissance group
  • Mortar Squad
  • Anti-tank squad
  • Engineering and sapper squad
  • Assault group
  • Assault company
  • Assault battalion
  • Assault regiment
  • Battalion
  • Tank Squad
  • Diversion group
  • Enemy motorized rifle squad
  • Tank squad of the enemy
  • Reconnaissance squad of the enemy
  • Enemy pillbox
  • Enemy gun point
  • Enemy minefield
  • Main line of enemy defense
  • Enemy warehouse
  • Command post
  • Artillery observation post
  • Observation post
  • Catalyst
  • Colorant
  • Component A
  • Component B
  • Soldier figure designs

    For details of the game event, see the website

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